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Kathmandu Love Story: Navigating Valentine's Week with FTN, Your Neighborhood Cupid

Hey, you Kathmandu lovebirds! Forget fancy terms and expensive trips, Valentine's week is about celebrating love in your own way, right? And who better to help you do that than your friendly neighborhood cupid, FTN? We're not talking fancy airs here, just good old-fashioned love delivered straight to your doorstep.

Rose Day (Feb 7th):

Can't beat the classics, can you? Skip the wilting grocery store bunch and get your sweetheart a bouquet that sings! FTN's got roses in every shade, from fiery reds that scream "I'm crazy about you!" to shy pinks that whisper "you make my heart flutter." Don't worry, budget heroes, we've got something for every pocket.

(For alternative bouquet options, please click HERE)

Propose Day (Feb 8th):

Okay, butterflies in your stomach, knees knocking? We've all been there. Let FTN take the edge off with a little help! Pop the question with a ring nestled in a bed of velvety roses, or go all out with a personalized propose day gift hamper that'll soar across your loved ones heart. Trust us, even if you choke on your words, that package won't let you down.

Chocolate Day (Feb 9th):

Forget diamonds, chocolate is forever (at least until you eat it)! Indulge your sweetie's sweet tooth with FTN's decadent choco-tastic selection. Imagine, Premium chocolates and their richness  textures oozing with goodness, and maybe even a bouquet of chocolate with stunning precious flowers (because, why not?). Warning: uncontrollable smiles and sugar highs guaranteed.

(For more Chocolate options please click HERE)

Teddy Day (Feb 10th):

Need a cuddle buddy who won't judge your Netflix marathon habits? FTN's got your back (or paw)! From pocket-sized pals to giant fuzzy huggable friends, we've got a teddy for every kind of sweetheart. Bonus points if you pick one that matches their personality. Think about the colors of teddy bears that each holds a different meaning and match them with your loved ones with your message.

(For more teddy option please click HERE)

Promise Day (Feb 11th):

Time to seal the deal, baby! Forget boring promises scribbled on napkins, FTN's got gifts that speak volumes. Imagine a personalized mugs or name Printed chocolates that make sure they remember the promise for every sip and bite they take, a photo frames that tells your love story in pictures and capture your bond forever. These are promises they'll hold close, long after the chocolates are gone.

Hug Day (Feb 12th):

Who needs diamonds when you can have cozy nights in? Skip the fancy dinners and cuddle up with FTN's comfy personalized Cushions with A customized Chocolate, the perfect accessory for movie marathons and whispered secrets and leave a trail of laughter in your wake.

Kiss Day (Feb 13th):

Turn up the heat with FTN's romantic sparklers! Light some candles, pour some bubbly (okay, maybe just some chiya if you're on a budget), and bite into our decadent Kiss day Chocolates and snacks. FTN's got everything you need to set the mood, from sweet treats to sensual scents that'll have you whispering sweet nothings in no time.

Valentine's Day (Feb 14th):

Grand gestures? We do those too! But who says a romantic rooftop dinner has to break the bank? FTN's got baskets of love overflowing with goodies, perfect for a sunset serenade by your loved ones side, and specially crafted Valentines Package to make your day even more special. Now that's a memory you'll never forget.

(For more Valentines package please click HERE)

So, Kathmandu lovebirds, ditch the pressure and celebrate your love on your own terms. FTN's here to make it easy, affordable, and most importantly, real. Forget the fancy airs, let your love bloom naturally, and remember, a simple gesture delivered with a whole lot of heart is all it takes to make this Valentine's Week truly magical.

Head over to FTN's website , and explore our treasure trove of love-themed goodies, and let us help you write your own Kathmandu love story, one heartfelt delivery at a time. Happy Valentine's Week!

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