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Valentine's Roses Revealed: FTN's Guide to Each Rose Count in Kathmandu

Love paints the air red in Kathmandu as Valentine's Day approaches, and what better way to express your heart's song than with a stunning bouquet of roses? But when it comes to choosing the perfect number, the message you whisper can get lost amongst thorns. Worry not, lovebirds of Kathmandu, for FTN – your trusted gift and flower delivery maestro – is here to unveil the secrets behind each rose count, ensuring your Valentine's declaration resonates loud and clear!

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One Red Rose:

A single, blushing bloom whispers "devotion" in Kathmandu's bustling streets. This delicate token, delivered straight to your sweetheart's doorstep, promises a love that's simple yet profound, making even the most chaotic city lane feel like a serene haven for two.

Two Red Roses:

Cupid's arrow strikes twice with this charming pair. In Kathmandu, gifting two red roses signifies "mutual understanding" – a testament to the bond you share, as intertwined as the vibrant streets of Durbar Square.

Three Red Roses:

Brace yourself, Kathmandu, for a love confession on fire! Three red roses declare "I love you" with passionate intensity, their fiery hue mirroring the warmth in your eyes as you gaze upon your beloved.

Six Red Roses: 


Forget counting stars in Kathmandu's night sky – six red roses paint a constellation of "infatuation" more dazzling than any celestial wonder. This bouquet whispers promises of stolen glances across crowded bazaars and stolen kisses under the watchful gaze of Swayambhunath.

Ten Red Roses:


Prepare for a grand gesture, Kathmandu! Ten red roses shout "perfection" from every petal, declaring your love with the grandeur of the Himalayas themselves. Imagine the stunned smile lighting up your sweetheart's face as this crimson masterpiece arrives, delivered fresh from FTN's loving hands.

Twenty-Four Red Roses:


In Kathmandu, where love stories unfold amidst ancient temples and modern cafes, twenty-four red roses weave a tale of "commitment." This timeless bouquet promises a love that endures, stronger than the mighty Bagmati River flowing through the city's heart.

One Hundred Red Roses:

Kathmandu erupts in a crimson symphony as you say "forever" with a breathtaking bouquet of one hundred red roses. This extravagant display leaves no room for doubt – your love burns brighter than the ceremonial lamps that illuminate Pashupatinath, vowing to forever illuminate your beloved's life.

Remember, Kathmandu, FTN delivers your Valentine's message loud and clear, no matter the rose count. From shy whispers to bold declarations, our fresh blooms and same-day delivery within the Kathmandu Valley ensure your love story blossoms just in time for February 14th. So, let Kathmandu's streets become a canvas for your love – browse FTN's extensive collection of Valentine's Day roses online  and paint your heartfelt message in the vibrant language of blooms.

This Valentine's Day, let the roses do the talking, Kathmandu! FTN, your love delivery experts, is here to help you whisper, shout, and sing your way into your sweetheart's heart. Happy Valentine's Day from all of us at FTN!

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