FTN's Sweet Deals: 10 Valentine's Gifts That Won't Break the Bank (Under Rs.1500)


Love is priceless, and at Flowers to Nepal (FTN), we believe that expressing your affection shouldn't strain your budget. This Valentine's Day, we've curated a delightful collection of gifts under Rs.1500 that let you unwrap joy without breaking the bank.

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1. Teddy Bear with Single Rose and Cadbury Celebration Hamper:

Imagine the joy  when your beloved receives a cuddly teddy bear, a single red rose, and a Cadbury Celebration Hamper—all for under Rs.1500. Order now from FTN to bring smiles to your special moments in the heart of Kathmandu.

 2. Cute Teddy Bear with 3 Red Roses:

Opt for a heartfelt gesture with our Cute Teddy Bear paired with 3 Red Roses. Simple yet profound, it's the perfect choice to express your love through FTN. 

 3. Valentine's Week Special Chocolates:

Indulge in Kathmandu's Valentine's week celebration with our exclusive chocolate assortment, enhancing sweetness in every shared moment. Elevate your joy through FTN's special treats. 

4. Gourmet Chocolate with Rose in the Heart-Shaped Box:

Embark on a romantic journey with a gourmet chocolate experience, coupled with the elegance of a rose in a heart-shaped box. This exquisite pairing is a truly romantic gift for your special someone, curated by FTN.

5. Rose & Chocolate Delight Hamper:

Delight your loved one in Kathmandu with a charming hamper, showcasing roses and a selection of delectable chocolates. This perfect blend of romance and sweetness is a thoughtful gift curated by FTN.

6. Rose & Choco Fusion Bouquet:

In the heart of Kathmandu, the Rose & Choco Fusion Bouquet seamlessly merges the classic beauty of roses with the irresistible charm of chocolates, resulting in a unique and thoughtful gift for your special someone.

7. A Fusion of Flower & Decadent Flower:

Our special package blends flowers and decadent delights, symbolizing deep affection. A thoughtful and heartfelt gift by FTN, expressing love with this delightful experience. Order now for a truly special moment.

8. Valentine's Day Delight Chocolate Basket:


Send a basket full of delights in the heart of Kathmandu with our Valentine's Day Delight Chocolate Basket. Express your love in a sweet and memorable way, creating cherished moments with FTN.

9. Heart-Warming Chocolate Delight Basket:

In the warmth of Kathmandu, melt their heart with a basket filled with an assortment of chocolates. Express your love through the language of sweetness, creating unforgettable moments with FTN.

10. Chocolate with Mini Love Cushion:

Complete your expression of love with a thoughtful touch with a mini love cushion paired with delicious chocolates and flowers. This delightful combination adds a special touch to your heartfelt message. 

At FTN, we understand the importance of timely expressions of love. If you're in the Kathmandu Valley and order by 4 pm, we ensure same-day delivery to make your Valentine's Day even more special.

This Valentine's season, FTN's Sweet Deals allow you to celebrate love without compromising on quality or thoughtfulness. Unwrap joy, share smiles, and create lasting memories—all under Rs.1500. Order now and let FTN be your messenger of love in Nepal. Happy Valentine's Day!

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